Shortwave playlist part 4

Monday, October 19, 2015
There's just too much good music on shortwave! Below is the fourth volume of the shortwave playlist for your listening pleasure.

1. Gürol Ağırbaş - Four Seasons - Spring
Radio Algerienne Chaine 3, June 2015

Gürol Ağırbaş is a musician from Turkey, born in Istanbul. (Wikipedia)

2. Ehab Tawfik - Ya Abu El Oloub
Medi 1, April 2014

Ehab Tawfiq (Arabic: إيهاب توفيق‎) (born in Cairo on January 7, 1966) is an Egyptian singer. He is seen one of the top singers in the Arab world, and is especially revered in his hometown. In 1995, he received his master's degree for his thesis: "The Egyptian Song in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century". Not satisfied with just a masters, Ehab worked toward his Doctorate in Music and Arabic singing, completed in April 2002. The doctorate was entitled "The Methods of Performing Arabic Singing in Egypt during the second half of the last century". (Wikipedia)

3. Joe Jackson - Caravan (5 minutes into the video clip)
Radio Rebelde, April 2015

David Ian "Joe" Jackson (born 11 August 1954) is a musician and singer-songwriter. Born in England, he lived in New York before moving to Berlin. His career, during which he recorded nineteen studio albums and garnered five Grammy Award nominations, spans from 1979 to today. (Wikipedia)

“Caravan” features the vocals of the Iranian singer Sussan Deyhim, performing the Farsi translation of  the song's lyrics.

4. Elis Regina - Alô! Alô! Marciano
Radio Nacional da Amazônia, May 2015

Elis Regina, born in Porto Alegre on March 17, 1945, was a Brazilian singer of popular and Jazz music. Before her untimely death at the age of thirty-six, she was widely regarded as Brazil's greatest living popular vocalist. (Wikipedia)

5. 5 Dong Ke - Doc Huyen Cam

Voice of Vietnam, October 2015

5 Dong Ke is widely regarded as the top girl group of Vietnam. From inception to date, the group has won several major music awards. (Wikipedia, translated from Vietnamese using Google Translate)

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