Antena Satelor: Winter Reception

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Below is my most recent recording of Antena Satelor on 153 kHz out of Brașov, Romania. Receiving it is slightly more challenging during winter here in London. The signal was captured using a Lowe HF-150 radio with a Lowe PR-150 preselector and a Wellbrook ALA1530S+ antenna on 15/02/2016 at 0200 UTC.

Click here to download the recording or check my previous recordings of this station.

Update (26/02/16): A few days later the propagation from Brașov was much better and I managed grab another recording. Here's a snippet from it that I particularly like:

Update (29/02/16): Since the recording mentioned in the previous update is the best one of Antena Satelor I've ever made, I've uploaded it in full to the Shortwave Archive (almost 4 hours long!):

Some recording details:

Antena Satelor, Romania recorded in London, UK on February 25, 2016 at 0143 UTC on the frequency of 153 kHz using a Lowe HF-150 radio with the Lowe PR-150 preselector, DX Engineering NCC-1 phaser connected to two Wellbrook ALA1530S+ antennas (positioned indoors) to mitigate severe local man-made interference. The transmitter is located in Brașov, Romania and has a power rating of 200 kW. This is a local service targeted at the domestic audience. At about 0530 UTC (0730 local time in Brașov; 3 hours 46 minutes into the recording) the night-time skywave propagation path is finally completely disrupted by the sunlight reaching into Romania (26 minutes after sunrise).

This recording is yet another reward for having invested some time and effort into urban RFI mitigation.

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