Shortwave gems part 1

Friday, September 23, 2016
In this post I include some of the more interesting things I have recently heard on shortwave using both my outdoor and indoor recording setups. Some of these recordings were made using standalone shortwave radios while the others were extracted from my SDR spectrum captures.

Very interesting vocal style heard on Ethiopia's Radio Fana. Recorded outdoors.

A British Airways flight bound for Antalya communicating with a ground control station over Stockholm Radio about a disturbance onboard. Recorded outdoors.

More of the traditional Korean clarinet music that is rather unusual for North Korea's shortwave service. Recorded outdoors.

Tajikistan's shortwave service, usually a difficult catch in Western Europe. Recorded outdoors.

Some incredible vocal dexterity from the Moldovan singer, Laura Lavric, heard on Romania's longwave service, Antena Satelor, recorded indoors.

Raï and Hip-Hop fusion on Algeria's Jil FM, received on mediumwave indoors.

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