Shortwave gems part 2

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

In this post I continue uploading some of the more interesting things I have recently heard on shortwave using both my outdoor and indoor recording setups. Some of these recordings were made using standalone shortwave radios while the others were extracted from my SDR spectrum captures.

A mellow atmospheric tune from Medi1 radio, Morocco. Recorded indoors.

Sudanese light pop music from Radio Tamazuj. Recorded outdoors.

A song recorded from North Korea's domestic radio service, KCBS Pyongyang. The performer makes the surprising move of copying Whitney Houston's vocal style towards the end of the track, something that would probably have been considered too western and decadent in North Korea only a short while ago. Recorded outdoors.

Funky Indian film music from All India Radio, recorded indoors.

Traditional Greek music from the Voice of Greece, recorded indoors.

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