A series of retrospective radio archive posts from under lockdown

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Hello, dear blog readers and Twitter followers. I hope you are all well and keeping safe in these extraordinary times. I'm sorry I have been out of action on the radio front for a long time and that many of your emails and DMs had gone unanswered until recently. Like many of you, I have been readjusting to life under the COVID-19 lockdown and this has been consuming a lot of my time and energy. My ability to venture outdoors to hunt for faint and exotic radio signals has so far been quite limited. Consequently, I decided to use this blog as a space to explore my previous recordings – spectrum and otherwise  – to take us back to the times when life was normal and to remind us that it will be so again. I will also occasionally post recordings that I am able to capture from my current residential location, but expect fewer of those.

To kick things off, below is a recording of Radio New Zealand International ringing in the Year of 2020, captured outdoors in a rural location in the Russian Central Region, using a Tecsun PL-680 and a long-wire antenna. Listening to it, one gets the sense of a very different outlook on the year ahead compared to what then followed.

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