Shortwave gems part 5

Saturday, December 10, 2016
Below are a few more interesting shortwave clips from my archives. Many thanks to Gordon VK2UB for the tune identifications, which you can find in the comments section.

A tune recorded outdoors from Radio Joey, a pirate radio station supposedly run by a 14 year old DJ from the Netherlands.

Persian Jazz fusion from Radio Farda, recorded outdoors.

A Japanese war-time song from NHK Radio, recorded outdoors.

Hypnotic carnatic classical vocal music from All India Radio, recorded indoors.

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  1. Great clips -the Aircraft clip wasn't a British Airways a/c in fact it was Kestrel -this is the RTF telephony designator for Thomas Cook. The fight gave a selcal of CRDE at the end which can identify the aircraft reg and type. This was an Airbus A321 G-DHJH.

    1. Thanks Rob, now that you point it out, I do hear them saying all of these things you mention. I'll have to update the original post. 73s!

  2. All fascinating tracks.
    1: A golden oldie from Radio Joey: "Hilo Kiss", The Waikikis.
    2: Radio Farda: no idea.
    3: A tricky one from NHK Radio: "I love you more than anyone", no idea of the recording. This YouTube clip is the song but a different arrangement:
    4: All India Radio: "Mummurtulu", Alamelu Mani


    1. Thanks very much, Gordon, for all the IDs! Number 2 is indeed a very tricky one. I've asked around on the Persian segment of Twitter without much success. 73s, LS