2020 BBC Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast

Monday, June 22, 2020
Antarctic night sky. Source: Chris Wilson, Australian Antarctic Division
Every year, the BBC World Service makes this special programme for just 40 listeners: the team of scientists and support staff isolated at British research stations in the Antarctic midwinter. The Antarctic Midwinter Broadcast is unlike anything else on the BBC World Service. Presented by Cerys Matthews, it features messages from family and friends at home as well as music requests from Antarctica. For decades it has been part of the traditional midwinter celebrations. 

To listen to the 21:30 BST broadcast on 21st June on shortwave, please tune to:

5790 kHz from Woofferton UK 
7360 kHz from Woofferton UK
9580 kHz from Ascension Islands
Below is my recording of the 5790 kHz transmission, broadcast out of Woofferton, UK on 21/06/2020 at 2130 UTC (not BST as stated on the BBC website). The recording was made using GPD Win, AirSpy Discovery Dual Port and a Sony AN-LP1 active loop antenna, positioned on the balcony of my indoor QTH in London. Many listeners from further afield have reported difficult reception conditions, so being close to one of the transmitters felt a bit like cheating, but it was nice to catch this transmission all the same.

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