Voice of Turkey and Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran in English

Sunday, June 21, 2020
Satellite view of Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran transmitter site in Sirjan
This is a quick post with no particular theme to it, apart from the fact that I recorded two overseas English language broadcasts that are not the usual suspects for my urban indoor location (such as Radio Romania International or China Radio International). One of the countries, Iran, has made substantial improvements to its shortwave transmissions directed towards Europe:
Below are recordings of the Voice of Turkey and Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, made on 19/06/2020 using an AirSpy HF+ Discovery and a YouLoop antenna, the latter positioned on the balcony of my indoor listening post in London. SDR# noise reduction and wide filter bandwidth were applied to Iran's signal, resulting in near-FM audio quality.

The programmes focus on current affairs and international relations. Curiously, both countries dedicate more time to the impacts of COVID-19 outside of their own borders.

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  1. Currently listening to what I believe is the Sirjan transmitter on 7225 kHz AM. I am using an Alinco DJ-X3 handheld scanner. Is a clear signal with negligible interference. First time I've picked up this station. Am in West Sussex, UK.